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Environmental Sustainability

The area in which we work is not only a working dimension, but is above all a major social and environmental wealth which should be respected and protected.

We are aware that fulfillment of this aspiration will not be possible without very careful and responsible production methods, which protect the environment with care for future generations. Not only for this reason we therefore decided more than 30 years ago to work our land with the biodynamic farming method.

We continuously strive to responsibly manage our natural resources,  and have therefore decided more than six years ago to improve our results and use electricity exclusively from renewable sources, and that is why in 2010 we established a photovoltaic system of 174 kWp on the farmland.

Even the water we use to irrigate the kiwi plants comes from natural, renewable resources such as  rain water and our own groundwater.

The packaging we use for Kiwis is 100% recyclable.

We will keep and continue this firm commitment as we strongly believe in the need to ensure stability of the ecosystem and maintain, not only for us but also for future generations, the ecological processes that occur within an ecosystem and its biodiversity.


Agricola Ceglia | Sostenibilità

We have not inherited the land from our parents, we have borrowed it

from our children

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